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Competitive Selling is about the toughness and edge you need to be successful in the highly competitive world of professional sales.  We don’t just give you theories…we give you tried and true techniques to follow to be proactive, in very practical terms.  Become better than the competition at starting high in an organization, follow up, leaving an intriguing voicemail message that results in a return call, gaining a critical “next set time,” and using email as an effective touch point.  Prospecting for new business is not glamorous, but if you have a solid plan and the drive to follow through on your goals, you will be successful.  Marisa Pensa and Stacia Skinner will help you attain that success.


Marisa Pensa

Founder and CEO of Methods in Motion, a sales advisory and training company that helps clients achieve measurable increases in sales

Marisa launched Methods in Motion in 2004 as a spin-off from D.E.I. Management Group. Prior to launching Methods in Motion, Marisa held positions that included Sales Director with Marriott Hotels and Regional Sales Manager with IDT/Winstar. It was at IDT/Winstar that Marisa was introduced to D.E.I. Management Group. She was a client for four years before starting her business, which is a spin-off from D.E.I..

For over 14 years, Methods in Motion has helped hundreds of companies from diverse industries grow their businesses. Marisa knows that in life, it’s all about building good relationships. The average client engages Methods in Motion for five to seven years. Marisa has conducted sales training workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad, has been certified by the Leadership Strategies Institute as an “Effective Facilitator” and is regularly published in Independent Dealer Magazine. Marisa also started two separate Manager peer-sharing calls across two unique industries to foster an environment where Methods in Motion clients in similar industries can exchange ideas and help keep one another on track.

Marisa and her husband Troy of 19 years, reside in Atlanta, Georgia with their two dogs, Katie and Maggie. Marisa is actively involved with Mostly Mutts, a non-profit animal rescue organization and also competes in adventure racing throughout the southeast with her team that has been together for twenty plus years. Marisa received her formal education at Kennesaw State University and holds the rare designation of Atlanta Native.

Phone: 678-574-6072
Email: marisa@methodsnmotion.com

Stacia Skinner

Stacia Skinner is the founder and President of Creative Training Solutions, Ltd. along with being the co-author of the e-book Sell Now!  She launched her sales training company in 2003.

Stacia brings 35 years worth of wisdom to the trainings she conducts. This wisdom comes from working in a wide range of sales jobs in various industries, including as a meeting planner, a manufacturers rep, and in industrial and environmental sales and most importantly, selling her own sales training programs for the last 15 years.

Stacia’s expertise, passion and enthusiasm have resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients in a variety of industries, across the United States and around the world. With a keen attention to detail, she takes pride in understanding each customer’s business in order to make the training relevant to a company’s unique environment. She understands that many times training is a “like to have” rather than a “must have.” When companies make an investment in their people by hiring an outside sales trainer, the training must be designed to get the very best results possible.

Relationships are the key to Stacia’s success in business. The average client engages with Creative Training Solutions for six years and a number of clients continue to use her sales training services after more than ten years.

Stacia is deeply committed to helping her community and great causes. She is very committed to both the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride for Kids and the Ride for Hope that raises funds for Ovarian Cancer research. She has a passion for family, travel and her Deluxe motorcycle by Harley Davidson. If she is not riding she is golfing, skiing or doing something active.

Stacia’s goal is to help organizations get the most out of their sales teams. She will do whatever it takes to make sure it gets done right!

Email: stacia@cts-solutions.netPhone: 847-577-4115