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Competitive Selling is about the toughness and edge you need to be successful in the highly competitive world of professional sales.  We don’t just give you theories…we give you tried and true techniques to follow to be proactive, in very practical terms.  Become better than the competition at starting high in an organization, follow up, leaving an intriguing voicemail message that results in a return call, gaining a critical “next set time,” and using email as an effective touch point.  Prospecting for new business is not glamorous, but if you have a solid plan and the drive to follow through on your goals, you will be successful.  Marisa Pensa and Stacia Skinner will help you attain that success.


Marisa Pensa

Marisa is an author, trainer, coach, and sales professional with a love for helping sales professionals and sales leaders adjust to today’s demands and step outside their comfort zones to grow new business. Marisa’s passion is equipping each person she serves with roadmaps, processes, insights, and a strong dose of encouragement to not just survive in our new sales environment, but to thrive. One silver lining of COVID-19 has been the opportunity to engage with people from many different cultures and industries worldwide to help them embrace the power of the phone and video to grow.

Marisa has been selling for 25 years and has been in the sales training business for 17 of those years. As an avid reader of books on the subject of sales, one of her greatest joys has been (and is) co-writing the Competitive Selling series with long-time mentor, colleague, and friend, Stacia Skinner.

Phone: 678-574-6072
Email: marisa@methodsnmotion.com

Stacia Skinner

Stacia is a renowned author, trainer, speaker, and sales professional with a passion and enthusiasm for helping businesses and their sales teams reach peak performance and excel in their careers. Launching her business in 2003 after being in the sales training field for eight years, Stacia brings over 35 years of professional sales experience to her work. Having had the priviledge of working with salespeople from many different industries and cultures worldwide, she is excited to share her expertise in the power of virtual selling.

Stacia is the author of Sell Now, published by Adam Media, and Competitive Selling: The Guidebook to Proactive Calling in a Reactive World, published by Big Dogs Publishing. She co-authored Competitive Selling with her business partner and friend, Marisa Pensa. Stacia is passionate about helping sales professionals thrive by inspiring and reinforcing successful habits that bring in results.

Phone: 847-577-4115
Email: stacia@cts-solutions.net