The Edge Sales Simulation

This program is like no other.  It brings in real world chaos and pressure into a risk-free practice zone to increase sales performance and strategy.

The EDGE Sales Simulation is spread across three intense training days — a half-day intro, then a full day, and a final half-day. This exciting program combines real-world pressure and chaos with risk-free practice to increase sales performance. On one hand we need a safe environment to learn, but on the other hand selling is tough and we need pressure to perform our best. Pure, on-the-job learning can prove to be too risky and pure classroom learning often lacks real-world context.

The EDGE sales simulation provides the best of both worlds, giving salespeople the immersive environment to not only build their foundation, but to practice the skills through a competitive, elite training experience leading to direct, on-the-job performance improvements. Get ready for the adrenaline. Get ready to win.