So what is the difference?

Everyone is a consultative seller. All of us know how to gain new customers, hunt for leads, gain information needed for the sale, know how to present and are good at following through.

A Competitive seller knows how to do all the above but at a higher level that exceeds their competition! They get to new customers before the competition. They gain information at a deeper level to find out how they can help their customers, They out present the competition because they show the true impact they will bring and last they develop an environment where they "Next set time" is inevitable.

Competitive sellers focus on performing at their best under pressure. No mistakes. They look at sharpening their skills to get better at the game of sales. They know the words to say, how to manage their time to get the maximum out of it and track to make sure they exceed their goals.

Competitive sellers are the elite athletes that have that little bit of extra to be Olympic champions!!



Marisa Pensa

Founder and CEO of Methods in Motion, a sales advisory and training…

Stacia Skinner

Stacia Skinner Stacia Skinner is the founder and President of Creative Training Solutions,…
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“Cold calling is not dead! If your business needs a steady stream of new prospects to survive (and frankly who doesn’t), then this book will provide you with the tools, strategies, and common sense inspiration to make those calls and close those sales. Stacia and Marcia break down the exact map you need to implement what they call competitive selling, so you can get over that fear and frustration of cold calling and start pushing your business or your sales career to the next level. Read it now!” 

Sue Kirchner, President Brand Strong Marketing, Inc.

Sue Kirchner, President

 “Anyone in sales looking to help others meet their goals will value the concrete advice in Competitive Selling. From knowing who to target to providing clear succinct messaging, the approaches found in this book truly help you stand out amongst your competition. This guidebook provides easy-to-apply techniques, whether on the phone or in the field, to engage prospects and get results.”

Kevin Himmel, Vice President of Operations, The Regis Company

Kevin Himmel

“If you are in business today and just reacting to what’s happening around you, you probably won’t be in business very long. Being proactive and competitive in your selling approach is key to success, but fundamentally you must also continue to bring value to your clients and customers. Marisa Pensa and Stacia Skinner have put together the definitive book on proactive calling you won’t want to miss having in your business library and you’ll also want to make it required reading for each member of your sales team.”

Stacy A. Bell

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