“The digital transformation of selling was underway before the pandemic hit, albeit at a rather slow pace. The global pandemic supercharged and accelerated the rate of change exponentially, and this change is here to stay. All the data and research indicate that developing resilient virtual sellers who are equipped with the skills and abilities to thrive in this new reality is crucial for sales organizations. In Competitive Selling: The Guidebook to Resilient Virtual Selling, Marisa and Stacia provide strategies that span across cultures and which are as relevant to my regions of Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand as they are to the rest of the world.”

Kevin McHugh
Sales Capability Manager, ANZ Kimberly-Clark Professional

“Salespeople at all levels need to be highly skilled at selling in the virtual world as digital transformation takes hold and engagement strategies continue to evolve with new technologies and hybrid environments. Through real-world, practical examples of virtual selling, Stacia and Marisa helped our sales teams elevate and refine their selling techniques to better address how customers prefer to engage today. This book will help any salesperson refine their skills when selling virtually in order to gain a competitive edge.”

Bruce Hembree
Vice President and General Manager, Americas Ciena

“This book provides guidance to help anyone who is struggling with virtual selling. Virtual selling is not the flavor of the month; it is here to stay! The way you engage virtually is very different, but being resilient and having a plan can make the difference. What Stacia and Marisa provide in this book will help you with both! Our industry places great value on relationships and face-to-face interactions, so the events of 2020 were a shock to our system. By engaging Stacia and Marisa early on, my team gained the tools and confidence to pivot to a virtual selling model, keeping our customers engaged and our sales opportunities moving forward. Thanks to their guidance, interacting with our customers virtually is now part of our sales process.”

Renee Starr
SVP of Sales, Essendant

“Thanks to Marisa and Stacia for your dedication to help train our sales team for selling virtually! Your training has helped us elevate our virtual-meeting effectiveness to a level beyond our original expectations. The guidance provided in this book captures the training you led our sales team through, and as a result we have not slowed down since COVID-19 and have navigated through not being able to be with customers in person. We have found virtual selling to be a very effective tool, as we are able to keep the pipeline milestones moving forward! Utilizing virtual meetings and the strategies in this book will continue to be a part of our sales strategy in the future, even when the doors are open for unlimited travel! I look forward to working with your team to plan our next-level training sessions! Let’s keep improving!”

Charles Miller
Vice President of Sales, SAO Showa Group

“Marisa and Stacia’s approach is exactly what’s needed in these changing times. Buying has become more complex. There are more people, more conflicting information, more hurdles, and more process complexity. The COVID virus crisis amplified this complexity and limits to prospect access that were already taking shape prior to the crisis. Marisa and Stacia show us a pathway in this book. Their direct, relatable, hands-on approach gives salespeople direction and action they can take to get results and break through the clutter.”

Steve Scheuring
Vice President Sales Operations, Airgas, An Air Liquide Company

“Competitive Selling: The Guidebook to Resilient Virtual Selling is timely and effective for new sales professionals as well as for tenured and successful professionals who need new strategies to reach today’s buyers. There has never been as much information available to buyers. Because of this, buyers can feel that they have the information needed, and ultimately be less engaged with sellers. Marisa and Stacia have partnered with Esquire Deposition Solutions to deploy the strategies in this book and have successfully helped Esquire’s sales team engage with buyers to move sales cycles forward. Post pandemic, these strategies will continue to be core to our selling activities, as our sales team has benefitted from the results of implementing Marisa and Stacia’s process. Virtual selling is key to developing pipelines and results—it’s foundational and here to stay. Thank you to Marisa and Stacia for their passion in education/training and their partnership in the execution of these strategies.”

Ron Carey
Chief Revenue Officer, Esquire Deposition Solutions

“An engaging topic on the lips of customers and sales teams across the globe. Thank you, Stacia and Marisa, for sharing the best practices of how to embrace virtual selling and make it meaningful without replacing the face to face!”

Melissa Masitto
Vice President of Sales, Franchise and Select Americas

“Cold calling is not dead! If your business needs a steady stream of new prospects to survive (and frankly who doesn’t), then this book will provide you with the tools, strategies, and common sense inspiration to make those calls and close those sales. Stacia and Marcia break down the exact map you need to implement what they call competitive selling, so you can get over that fear and frustration of cold calling and start pushing your business or your sales career to the next level. Read it now!”

Sue Kirchner
President, Brand Strong Marketing, Inc.

“Finally, a Training Partner that actually rolls up their sleeves and helps your organization increase SALES!

For more than a decade, Marisa Pensa and Method n Motion have been a trusted business advisor and key resource for my growing business. Her “no-nonsense” approach and process-driven selling methodology is practical, powerful and proven. In the crowded space of Sales Training Organizations, Marisa stands out as one of very few Trainers, who is actually willing to both provide the road map and then ride shot-gun with you!

Read this book, apply these lessons, do the hard work, stick with it, and watch it grow!”

Brian D. Rossi
Serial Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor CEO, StarPine Properties, LLC -and- BDR & Associates, Inc. Partner, Sunbelt Office Products

“Anyone in sales looking to help others meet their goals will value the concrete advice in Competitive Selling. From knowing who to target to providing clear succinct messaging, the approaches found in this book truly help you stand out amongst your competition. This guidebook provides easy-to-apply techniques, whether on the phone or in the field, to engage prospects and get results.”

Kevin Himmel
Vice President of Operations, The Regis Company